Keg Kartoonz is a Dublin based animation studio run by creative director, Noel Kelly and producer, Adrian Mulvey. Keg was set up to develop and produce its own original projects. Our aim is to create a world of unique and strong characters that will engage and entertain our audience.

Noel Kelly

Creative Director

After graduating from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin in the 1980’s, Noel Kelly began his long and varied career in animation. In those days, animation studios had such things as pencils and paper. Words like ‘bitmap’ and ‘vector’ were unheard of in daily studio life. The only rendering was done with a coloured pencil.


Anyhow, since then Noel has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and is now a complete wizard with all things technological! I swear.



Adrian Mulvey


Adrian Mulvey was first introduced to the animation industry when he became Noel Kelly's accountant in the early 1990's. Despite this, he still decided to get involved in Keg Kartoonz when the company was formed a few years later.


A serial entrepreneur in the high tech and sports distribution industries, Adrian has had years of experience in a real job. However the allure of the fanciful world of animation was just too strong for him to resist.



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