Dan is honest, hard working and conscientious. He can (or thinks he can) turn his hand to anything. No job is too big or too small for Dan. He’ll gladly take on such tasks as building a wall, fixing a leaky tap or hanging a picture. Dan’s pride and joy is his little blue van. Whether a grand piano has to be moved, a new elephant needs to be transported to the zoo or even if he’s asked to carry out a milk delivery when the milk truck has broken down, Dan is the man for the job. He is the man that everyone needs from time to time...Dan is a Man with a Van!


Each episode begins with Dan and his helper Dave sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring. When they get a call the duo eagerly set off in the little blue van. But even the simplest of tasks can often cause difficulties for these two and things never go quite as planned. But Dan and Dave somehow muddle through and everything always works out ok in the end.


DEPENDABLE DAN is a 2D animated TV series (52 X 2 minutes) for preschoolers. Gentle slapstick humour and colourful designs will keep the audience's attention and ensure they're well entertained throughout each episode. As the stories are simple and without any discernible dialogue they can be understood by children of all nationalities.

©Keg Kartoonz 2016